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T​h​e Teal Couch     

Leading a Life With Purpose


About Liana

As a young soldier, I learned early in life the importance of a family support system. As a wife and parent to two children, I have realized that the expectations that adults face in life are overwhelming at times, even if those expectations are ones that we place on ourselves. The many roles and relationships that we have can face conflict that impacts our everyday mood and functioning. 

Since becoming a therapist, I take a family approach to my clients in Buckeye, Arizona, working not just on the whole individual, but that person’s supportive environment. I also believe that we have to understand our past to work on our future.

Entering therapy is not an easy decision for most people or their families. I respect that, and I will do my best to put you at ease. My sessions at The Teal Couch have both laughter, tears, and a sense of feeling lighter of heart when you leave the room.